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In 2006, the Victorian Council of Social Service, the Disability Resources Centre and the Disability Advocacy & Information Service (now the Disability Advocacy Resource Unit) undertook the Accessible Public Transport Watch Project.


The Project was documented in the Accessible Public Transport Watch Report.


In December 2010, VCOSS held an Accessible Transport Forum, where the idea for an Accessible Transport Working Group was discussed.


The Accessible Transport Working Group held its first meeting in January 2011.


In mid 2011, the Working Group created a campaign called "All Aboard" to bring attention to the issue of accessible public transport.


In August 2011, the name of the Group was changed to the All Aboard network.

Since its inception, the All Aboard network has been made up of

  • individuals,
  • community organisations,
  • local government representatives
  • transport operators and providers

who have an interest in eliminating the discrimination faced by people with disabilities when using, or attempting to use public transport.


The All Aboard network is based in Melbourne, Australia and has members all over the state of Victoria.


We are active in advocating for better, more independently accessible public transport in all geographic areas, not just in the city.

We are advocating for:
that everyone can use and
and terminals
that are accessible,
safe and comfortable;
and information that everyone can find and use.


The All Aboard network is a part of the
National Inclusive Transport Advocacy Network (NITAN)


The All Aboard network meets six times per year.

1:00pm on the second Wednesday of every even-numbered month.

Most communication, including meeting reminders, agendas

and minutes are distributed by email.

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